Try toothpaste of the future

Tabsta® is a premium natural toothpaste in tablets developed using the latest proven science.

🌱 100% natural & vegan formula

🦷 Natural remineralization with hydroxyapatite

🇪🇺 Made in the European Union

Considering ditching the tube and trying innovative plastic-free toothpaste tablets?

  • Perfectly portioned

  • Innovative formula

  • Extra foaming

  • For the planet

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Travel friendly

  • 1. Chew one tablet

    after a few seconds, the tablet will turn into toothpaste

  • 2. Brush your teeth

    with a soft toothbrush for 2 minutes

  • 3. Spit out the paste

    take a deep breath and enjoy the freshness

  • 4. Repeat twice a day

    recommended by dentists for healthy teeth

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Elevate your smile routine with the best foaming natural toothpaste tablets, featuring superior hydroxyapatite remineralization

Get amazed by Tabsta®

Innovative Science

Discover the fusion of science and nature made in the EU. Enriched with hydroxyapatite for strong remineralizing power (even without fluoride) and enhanced natural foaming without unhealthy SLS.

Each perfectly dosed tablet without microplastics delivers deep cleaning while maintaining natural teeth whiteness, gum protection, and cavity prevention.


Help the planet with Tabsta®

Eco Essence

Ensure every brush contributes to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. You can reduce water use by choosing solid toothpaste (traditional toothpastes are largely water-based).

We manufacture toothpaste tablets locally in the EU to support local workers. Our brand also embraces plastic-free, recyclable materials, minimal paper packaging, and green energy.



Beloved freshness

Immerse yourself in your day with minty bliss. Freshness made from 100% natural and vegan ingredients with long-lasting freshness. Taste enriched with the highest quality stevia (with GI 0).

Every brushing of your teeth ensures a pleasant sweet minty taste and freshness that lasts. Your smile will not only be brighter, but also irresistibly attractive.


Join the Tabsta® mission

Cleaner World

Ignite your flame for a greener world. Our small team nested in the fairytale city of Prague in the heart of Europe joined the mission for a better world. You can do it too. Everything starts with a baby step. So why not start cleaning the Earth by cleaning your teeth every day?

Let's make smiles brighter and the planet lighter, together.

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  • Local product

    Manufactured in the EU!

  • Top notch quality

    Natural & vegan formula!