Science behind Tabsta®

Brushing with toothpaste tablets is like a small science experiment every morning and evening

Beautiful smile with white teeth

Strong remineralization and extra foaming with clean natural formula

Tabsta® toothpaste tablets are made under a symphony of science and nature coming together.

Formulated with hydroxyapatite, a natural mineral shielding teeth to help repair and protect enamel. Each precisely dosed tablet not only helps shield against cavities but also helps maintain your teeth's natural whiteness.

Additionally, your gums will benefit from added zinc, which helps fight plaque bacteria.

  • Perfect dose

    Each tablet give your teeth exactly what they need, no more, no less. Crafted with the precision of a science whiz.

  • Natural whitening

    Embrace the glow of your white smile. Tablets designed to help preserve your teeth's natural whiteness.

  • Anti-cavity

    Keep cavities in check. Hydroxyapatite naturally remineralizes your teeth and builds a shield for your enamel.

  • Lasting freshness

    Dive into a day with fresh breath, powered by the cool touch of menthol to combat that icky feeling.

  • Minty flavour

    Enjoy the nice and minty flavor. High-quality stevia with 0 GI adds a touch of sweetness without feeding plaque-causing bacteria.

  • Gum Health

    Fight bad bacteria. Zinc helps limit the ability of plaque bacteria to adhere to tooth surfaces and form damaging biofilms

  • Extra foaming

    Get amazed by toothpaste tablets that finally foam well. We use our coconut-based foaming technology without SLS.

  • No microplastics

    Say no to microplastics. Our formula contains only natural abrasives to gently polish your teeth.

Our Mission

Crafting a greener and healthier world, one tablet at a time.

Blending science efficiency with nature's wisdom.

Remove the mess from your oral care routine

Our natural toothpaste tablets combine gentle, effective care without harsh chemicals. Crafted in the European Union and wrapped in plastic-free packaging.

The switch to toothpaste tablets is not just a choice, but a statement of care and responsibility. With us, you embrace a better future.

  • No Fluoride

  • No SLS

  • No Parabens

  • No Triclosan

  • No Cruelty

  • No Sugar

  • Saving water

  • Made in EU

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