Join the green revolution

One brushing at a time, one smile at a time


    Use clean formula

    We use sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients for you to keep your body healthy.


    Drive circular economy

    We make products for you with minimal plastic-free packaging to support your zero-waste lifestyle.


    Make social impact

    We manufacture locally to support the European economy and enable you to keep your money within the continent.

Our promise

to you and our planet

Crafted with heart and based on science, our toothpaste tablets are not just a choice, they are a declaration. A declaration of valuing innovation and seeking a path to improvement even in such a simple act as brushing your teeth.

Our toothpaste Tabsta® is designed for everyone who wants to care for their health without having to make compromises in the area of environmental impact. We commit to continuously strive to improve our product in line with the latest scientific findings that support the health of your teeth, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Because together, we can turn small steps into a big leap forward towards a more sustainable, better, and cleaner future.

This is our story. Will you join?

Lack of fulfillment

Confused why big brands don't drive eco innovation

Working on international toothpaste brands was our daily bread, but we lacked a vision for moving towards more ecological products. The search for green innovation seemed to be blocked, which prompted our quest.

Eventually, a strong desire for change compelled us to leave the familiar and pursue our green dreams, driven by hope for a sustainable future and our contribution to its creation.

First spark of an idea

From a couple to the small business

Tom and Alexandra, that's us, a duo bound not just by dreams but a restless urge to make a difference. Together, we embarked on a venture where quality and sustainability weren't just goals, but the very foundations of our mission. Our first leap into the unknown, an e-shop dedicated to natural cosmetics, stumbled and fell short of our hopes. Yet, failure wasn't the end of our story—it was merely a plot twist.

Undeterred and fueled by lessons learned, we pivoted with a renewed vision, daring to dream even bigger. Our next chapter? To bring a slice of the farm into every living room, making sustainability and self-sufficiency accessible to all via our brand Farmer Farmstein. This time, we struck a chord, and our vision flourished. It was a testament to resilience, a proof that with perseverance and a clear vision, turning setbacks into stepping stones was not just possible - it was our reality. Together, we're crafting a future where sustainability isn't just an option; it's a way of life.

Rough times in the lab

Over 3 years of research and testing

Fueled by a desire to innovate further, we set our sights on creating the ultimate toothpaste tablets. Three years of relentless research, testing, and overcoming hurdles led us to a breakthrough that filled us with joy. Our toothpaste tablets weren't just a product; they were the embodiment of our commitment to sustainability, quality, and happiness. This was more than oral care - it was a mission, a vision brought to life.

Tabsta in a cozy bathroom

Finally on the market

Here we are, waiting for you

We proudly introduced our ultimate brand Tabsta®, a symbol of sustainable innovation and a beacon for a healthier, greener future. Join us in celebrating this milestone, where every tablet is a step towards a brighter world. Let's make every smile count!