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Passionate about health, beauty, or eco-living? Join our family! You'll earn a commission for every sale, spreading good vibes and making a difference. Let's thrive together!

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  • Eco-entrepreneur

    Commission: 10%

    Discount for your audience: 5%

  • Equal players

    Commission: 7%

    Discount for your audience: 7%

  • Generous contributor

    Commission: 5%

    Discount for your audience: 10%

Why choose our toothpaste tablets?

Tabsta in a cozy bathroom

Eco-Friendly Elegance

Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to our plastic-free packaging, designed with the Earth in mind. Because caring for your smile should never cost the planet.

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Science-Backed, Nature-Infused

Harnessing the power of hydroxyapatite, we protect your natural enamel without fluoride. It's dentistry’s best-kept secret for maintaining your teeth's natural defense system.

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Naturally White Smile and Freshness That Last

Our formula is your ally in preserving the natural whiteness of your teeth. Experience a brighter smile without harsh chemicals—just the magic of nature and science intertwined.

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Available in 12 countries

Currently rocking it in 9 countries and counting – we're expanding fast, bringing our eco-friendly magic to even more corners of the world. Stay tuned, because we might just pop up in your backyard next.

Available in: Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy.

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Earn with Tabsta program

Frequently asked questions

How do you attribute my sales?

We don't use cookies to attribute your sales due to low accuracy. Instead, you will receive a specific, unique promo code that will provide your audience with a discount and generate a kickback for you.

How big is the reward?

It's all in your hands! We've whipped up 3 tiers with varying levels of commission and discounts for your audience. Choose the one that fits you. Your vibe, your tribe, your impact. Let's make it happen!

Tier Eco-entrepreneur

  • Commission: 10%
  • Discount for your audience: 5%

Tier Equal player

  • Commission: 7%
  • Discount for your audience: 7%

Generous contributor

  • Commission: 5%
  • Discount for your audience: 10%

Do I need a business licence?

Yes, we're all about keeping it legit. Just one little thing – you've gotta be a VAT payer. That's our way of making sure everything's above board.

How will my commission be paid?

Guess what? Our self-billing contract is a total game-changer – it means we send you money every month, no invoice hustle needed on your end. And because we love to keep things smooth, payments roll out 25 days after the month wraps up. Plus, you'll get a monthly report to fine-tune your eco-impact. Easy, breezy, and efficient! Let's focus on the good stuff and let the paperwork handle itself.

Why was I disapproved for the program?

We're all about keeping it real and MLM-free around here, which is why we're super picky about our crew. If you're a genuine creator in health, beauty, travel, or ecology, you'll fit right in.

Can I sell Tabsta directly?

Yep, wholesale's on the table. Tailored for the bigger buyers with their own selling space, whether it's clicking digitally or brick-and-mortar. Ready to stock up and spread the eco-health?