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Tabsta® Complete Set / Save 5%

Tabsta® Complete Set / Save 5%

complete oral care routine Tabsta® (toothpaste tablets supply for 3 months)

✅ Easy to use, toothpaste tablets turns into paste within seconds

✅ Helps maintain the natural whiteness of teeth

✅ Natural enamel protection with hydroxyapatite

✅ Perfectly dosed clean 100% natural formula

✅ Eco-friendly recyclable minimalistic packaging without plastic

✅ Bamboo toothbrush with flat soft bristles as recommended by dentists

✅ Compostable bamboo handle is nicely balanced and scrubs well

✅ Floss with subtle peppermint flavor fits between teeth without shredding

✅ Vegan dental floss made from vegan candelilla wax and bamboo charcoal

What's inside: Tabsta® Natural Toothpaste Tablets 184 tabs (1 jar), Tabsta Bamboo Toothbrush Soft White (1 brush), Tabsta Dental Floss Minty-Charcoal 30m (1 glass)

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